The INS Board of Directors consists of 15 members who are leaders in the field of neuroethics. Members serve 3-year terms with turnover coinciding with the annual meeting.

Board Members / Staff

Strategic Plan

The INS leadership reflected on the identity of the Society, our successes and gaps of the past, and our aspirations for the future, ultimately identifying the following four priorities and practical steps listed below as part of the Society's first Strategic Plan.

  • Position the Society as an authoritative body on matters pertaining to neuroethics
  • Promote and support research, scholarship, and education in the field of neuroethics
  • Develop sustainable funding for the Society
  • Retain and recruit members
Strategic Plan (2016–2021)

Terms of Reference

Adopted by the Board August 2017, the Governance Terms of Reference formally define the responsibilities, scope and procedures of structures within the Society.

Terms of Reference