Member Rates

The International Neuroethics Society has instituted a new pricing structure for all joining and renewing members. The new structure and rates were approved to begin June 2022 by the Executive Committee and are now in effect when you complete the online membership form.

The changes aim to make a membership with the International Neuroethics Society more affordable for students, scholars, and professionals working in many contexts around the world. We believe it was critical to implement these prices this year due to the impact of the global pandemic and because of continued economic instability in many sectors and economies.


We recognize that the new rate structure and prices may still not be affordable for everyone. As we always have, membership waivers and additional discounts are available upon request. Contact INS Executive Director Robert Beets <[email protected]> to discuss these options.

Rates for Students / Trainees

We have introduced a new pricing category for students and trainees who reside in or are originally from a country with an economy designation of 'low-income', 'lower-middle-income', or 'upper-middle-income' by the World Bank. The two rate categories are labeled below as 'high-income' and 'low / middle'. The new standard rate and discounted rates for students and trainees are:

Students / Trainees

Standard Rates

Member Type


Low / Middle

Student $30 $15
Trainee $50 $25

Rates for Professionals

The new rates for professional members are based on annual income. This rate structure provides three price levels for professionals below our previous standard membership rate of $100. Members earning an annual income above $100,000 fit into three higher price levels shown below.  

Simply identify your salary range when completing the membership form. No confirming paperwork is required. Salary information will not be visible to other members or shared with any third parties. If necessary, use a currency calculator to convert your annual income to U.S. Dollars (USD).

If you receive a renewal invoice that includes a rate that is incorrect — and should be higher or lower than $100 based on your annual income — you should complete the online membership form. When completing the form, you can adjust your salary range and your invoice will update with the correct rate. Contact Robert Beets <[email protected]> if you need help getting the right rate. 

Professional Member Rates

Annual Salary Range


Under $30,000 (USD) $50
$30,00–$50,000 $60
$50,000–$75,000 $75
$75,000–$100,000 $100
$100,000–$150,000 $125
$150,000–$200,000 $150
$200,000 and up $175


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