The International Neuroethics Society is an association of professionals and students interested in neuroethics. Our mission is to encourage and inspire research and dialogue on the responsible use of advances in brain science.

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In Memoriam: Edward F. Rover

Edward F. Rover, Esq., chairman and president of the Dana Foundation from 2009-2019, and a member of the INS Board of Directors from 2012-2019, died on July 18.


Neuroethics 2024 · INS Annual Meeting · April 17-19, 2024

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Blake Hereth

University of Fribourg

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Diana M. Urian

Western University

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Favour Nerrise

Stanford University

Research / News

Haeusermann and Chiong on novel psychiatry treatments

In a recent article, Tobias Haeusermann and Winston Chiong present a review of ethical issues that emerge with novel psychiatrical treatments, focusing on informed consent, the role of expectancy in clinical response, and distributive justice.

Sattler and Racine on COVID-19 stigmatization

In a recent article, Sebastian Sattler and Eric Racine use attribution theory to determine how stigmatizing attitudes towards those with COVID-19 differ from those with the flu.