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Image of Thomas R. Insel
Tom Insel to Lecture in Vancouver

The Dana Foundation Brain Awareness Week Distinguished Neuroethics Lecture will be given by INS Board member Tom Insel, who will explore how smartphones can prove helpful for people with brain disorders, including depression, and consider the ethical challenges to using the smartphone as a medical device. The lecture is organized by Neuroethics Canada as part of Brain Awareness Week activities.

Neuroethics: Defining the Issues in Theory, Practice, and Policy – Edited by Judy Illes

Using Neuroscience Evidence to Argue Against Solitary Confinement – Moheb Costandi (Dana Foundation)

Evolving BCI Therapy: Engaging Brain State Dynamics – Denis Larrivee (InTech Publishing)

Health Professionals' and Researchers Views on Intelligent Assistive Technology for Psychogeriatric Care – M. Ienca et al. (Gerontechnology)

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