Neuroethics 2024
INS Annual Meeting
Baltimore USA + Virtual

Neuroethics 2024 · INS Annual Meeting

The next annual meeting of the International Neuroethics Society will be on April 17-19, 2024, in Baltimore, MD, USA. There will be opportunities for in-person attendance and online participation. The meeting theme is 'Expressing Wonder, Making Meaning: Neuroethics Engages the Arts.'

Conference sessions, presentations, and activities will span a wide range of topics in neuroethics, with a focus on research and explorations related to music, the arts, and the humanities. Calls for session proposals, research talks, and poster presentations will be forthcoming.


Venue selected for the Annual Meeting – May 18, 2023

Next INS Annual Meeting will be April 2024 in Baltimore – March 23, 2023

Meeting theme to focus on: neuroethics, music, the arts, and humanities – February 23, 2023