Neuroethics 2024
INS Annual Meeting
Baltimore USA + Virtual

Presentation Formats

Investigators with an accepted abstract are invited to present their work virtually or in-person in Baltimore. Presentations may be in the form of posters, slides, or a video recording — depending on how you will be participating. Investigators may prepare and submit more than one presentation type. Please review the requirements below regarding the different presentation formats.

All completed presentations should be submitted by April 14, 2024. If you are no longer able to submit a presentation or present your work during the meeting, contact us immediately.

Compliance and Disclosures

Work presented in presentations of any format must be in compliance with: local policies, ethical review related to the use of humans and animals in research, and disclosure of any conflicts of interest. Authors are responsible for reporting any real or perceived financial conflict of interest.

A brief disclosure and conflict of interest statement should be easily viewable on the presentation. Disclosures should appear on the bottom left corner of the poster or be prominently featured on a presentation slide, and may follow the recommended format:

  • Disclosures: None
  • Disclosures: The author(s) disclose a relationship with...

Featured Talks

Featured research talks are oral presentations with accompanying slides that are either 5-6 minutes long or 10-12 minutes long, with an additional 3 minutes after for questions from the audience. Presenting authors must be invited to give a featured talk.

Presenting authors can give the talk live in-person or present virtually, either by preparing a recorded talk or presenting in real time via Zoom. If submitting a recorded talk, we prefer that you be available to answer questions via Zoom immediately after. See the video recordings section below for details on how to record your talks.

The Featured Talks session will be virtually broadcast, so all in-person and virtual speakers must sign and return the release and disclosure forms (linked below). Please download, sign and return both forms to Robert Beets <[email protected]> by March 31.

In-Person Poster Presentations

Authors who have been invited to present a poster at the in-person meeting are expected to print a physical poster as part of their presentation. Posters can be no wider than 48 inches (120 cm) and no taller than 48 inches (120 cm). The boards are 8 feet wide by 4 feet tall (240 cm by 120 cm). Two posters will be displayed side-by-side. Posters will be installed on boards on Wednesday morning and remain accessible through at least Thursday afternoon. 

For each poster, presenting author(s) will be expected to give a 2-3 minute oral presentation of their research and accompanying poster to two (2) separate judges on Wednesday during the In-Person Poster Presentation session from 4:00–5:00pm ET. Presenters should generally remain at their poster(s) until they have had a chance to present their work for two judges. Authors must present their poster for two judges to be eligible for awards and prizes.

In-person poster presenters are also encouraged to submit an electronic version of their poster to be listed on the website and hosted in the Gather Poster Hall. This is not a requirement, but it will increase visibility for their work. Attendees can access Gather starting April 8, so we appreciate all files received by April 8. This is not hard deadline for in-person poster presenters because judging takes place at the meeting. All electronic presentations received by April 14 will be made available online.

See the Submission section below for instructions to share your poster with virtual participants.

Local Printer

INS staff talked with a local printer — Curry Printing — than is willing to deliver posters to the venue. We were unsuccessful in negotiating a group discount, and they do have an order minimum of $100, but our other local contacts spoke highly of their work if you'd prefer not to travel with your poster.

They instruct customers to use their request a quote form to start an order. We encourage you to mention the neuroethics conference if using their services and letting INS staff know that you'd like it delivered to the meeting venue. We will try to organize one drop off time on Tuesday, April 16. 

Curry Printing
Phone: 410.685.2679
Email: [email protected]

Request a quote

Virtual Presentation Formats

Virtual presentations are a great way to share your research with all meeting participants. You can create an electronic poster or develop a set of presentation slides. You may also create a video or audio recording of a brief oral presentation describing your work.

To be eligible for awards, authors participating virtually must submit a 2-3 minute video recording of their oral presentation to the Presentations folder by April 14, or they must present live for a judge in Gather during the Virtual Poster Presentation session on Tuesday, April 16 from 12:00–1:30pm ET, or on Wednesday, April 17 from 4:00–5:00pm ET.

Posters / Slides

For those wishing to present their work visually, we recommend creating a traditional large-format poster or a set of images, slides, or graphics that tell the story of your research. Posters and slides may include text, graphs, charts, tables, and photographs. We discourage including large blocks of text. Posters should show your work in a visual way that complements the written abstract.

Presentations should be submitted as file types: PDF, JPG, or PNG. If you are making slides in PowerPoint, Keynote, or other presentation software, export the slides set as a PDF. Gather recommends that posters should be a PNG or JPG file that's at least 1000 pixels by 600 pixels and no larger than 3 MB.

All slides should be in a 16:9 width-to-height ratio. Virtual posters can be of any size or aspect ratio, but remember that people may be viewing them on computers and mobile phones.

Video Recordings

All authors of accepted research may record a brief video presentation explaining their research. Videos may be 2-3 minutes in length. We encourage you to keep the number of slides to a minimum.

Two possible options for recording your talk include using PowerPoint or Zoom. With PowerPoint: use the 'Record Slide Show' feature, record your voice as you page through slides, and export the complete presentation as a video. To record a talk with Zoom: open a new meeting session, enable the 'share screen' feature, switch to presenter view (to also capture your webcam view), give your talk as you page through slides, and save the recording on your computer. Save videos as MP4 files.

Authors invited to give a featured talk — either 6 or 12 minutes in duration — can present live during their scheduled session or may record in advance and submit to organizers to play during the live session. The same recording can also be published online so viewable throughout the meeting.

While posters, slides, and videos will be the most common presentation types, we welcome other creative ideas. If you would like to experiment with other formats, please contact us to get approval.


Final versions or your presentation must be uploaded to our Presentations folder (Google). We recommend having all posters and slides submitted by April 9. Presenting authors participating virtually are encouraged to have their oral presentation recordings submitted by April 9 to be eligible for awards and prizes. This gives judges enough time to review your work and submit their scores. The final deadline for submitting presentations recordings is Sunday, April 14. We cannot guarantee presentations submitted after April 14 will be judged.

File names should be formatted as: ins-presentation-surname-2024-#-type. The # symbol should be the assigned presentation number as listed on the Presentations webpage. The ‘surname’ should be your name (surname / last name only). The ‘type’ should indicate the format of the presentation, either poster, slides, video, or audio.

File Upload

Upload your files to the Presentations folder (Google). You will need to be logged into your own Google account to upload a file. If you cannot log into Google, don't have an account, or are experiencing other technical issues, please email INS staff <[email protected]> and attach your file(s) to the email. Please make sure you get a confirmation we received your files. 

Uploading files to the folder will allow the Program Committee to make your presentation available on the Presentations webpage. Please note that INS staff makes updates manually and it may take a couple days for your uploaded presentation to be visible on the website and in Gather. Thank you for your patience in this regard and thank you for submitting files before the deadlines.

Presentations Folder

Virtual Poster Halls

INS staff are uploading presentations submitted to the Presentation folder into the Gather Poster Halls. We are making updates to Gather in batches, so please note that it may take a day or two for your poster to be added once uploaded to the folder.

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Judging Presentations

See the Presentation Judging webpage for details.


See the Awards available to presenting authors.


Contact INS staff <[email protected]> if you need to have your abstract or presentation removed from the website.