Strategic Planning

Members of the INS Board of Directors will convene later this year to assess the overall direction of the Society and examine our guiding principles. Specifically the Board will consider making updates to the current mission statement and list of objectives, and determine if a vision statement and/or set of core values are needed to inform and guide the direction and work of the Society.

Neuroethics and the societies in which it is situated have evolved rapidly in recent years and the Board is mindful of both our responsibility to provide leadership and to be responsive to the needs of our members and the field. We believe it is important for our guiding principles and foundational documents to foster an inclusive and diverse culture in neuroethics, and reflect the many perspectives and priorities of our members and partners.

The following statements may be developed and employed by the Board to articulate the Society’s guiding principles. Here is a basic definition of each type:

  • Core Values – A set of fundamental beliefs that guide your work
  • Vision Statement – A central guiding purpose that your work builds toward
  • Mission Statement – A definitive expression of your purpose, actions, and utility
  • Objectives/Tactics – Specific goals, approaches, and actions to accomplish your mission

Please complete this questionnaire by Monday, November 20, 2023.